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Gray Wire Off the Regulator/Rectifier

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  • Gray Wire Off the Regulator/Rectifier

    Hello All.

    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia. I hope all had a Merry Christmas.

    My health has improved to the point where I can get back to my pet project i.e. to convert my manual tilt 35Hp Johnson to power tilt. My engine model code is J35TEL3EEM - this is a little odd given the code describes a tiller steer model, but I have a forward console set-up on my boat! Perhaps this was a conversion by the original owner or boat sales yard.

    I wish I could work out how to post photos on this forum. Photos sure would help to explain my many questions

    But for now, I'm hoping someone can answer a question about my regulator/rectifier.

    There are three wires coming from it - purple, gray and red. The gray wire is not connected to anything and has a black plastic cap over it. Am I right to assume this is the engine speed input that would be needed if I fitted a dash mounted tacho?

    Good advice appreciated.


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    Yes gray wire is the tach signal wire, it doesn't have to be connected.
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      Thanks for the reply.
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