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07 9.9 hp

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  • 07 9.9 hp

    Ok where do I start ... I got a 07 9.9 given to me with a broken swivel bracket got on took the whole thing apart put in new water pump base/exhaust gasket and what do you know it fired up in the bucket took it out on the river got about 500 yards and quit took it home to look at it another day while I waited for carb kit. Well the carb kit came so i went to work on it and the motor was locked up pulled plugs saw rust in cylinders pulled head a wooden dowel some wd40 had it freed up with what looks like to be no issues head gasket looked brand new .......before I tear this whole thing back apart could it be my exhaust gasket or water in my fuel I thought I cleaned the tank well ...... thanks for any responses

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    With rust in the cylinders, what do you think is in the crankshaft area? Check the carburetor for water, then tear the engine down completely.


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      I get that it sat for 4 days that way I didn't know it wasn't crazy I will try to send pic