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Old 10-10-2017, 11:01 AM
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Default Backfiring help needed. Thx in advance

Hello everyone, new to the forum. I have a 1979 Johnson 175 (model 175TL79R) It was backfiring thru the prop. I pulled the flywheel and the key was sheared. I installed a new key, torqued to 105psi, checked tdc, all lined up. Sprayed a little starter fluid and it's still backfiring thru the exhaust. The wires and coils are next to the plugs so can't mess that up. Am I missing something
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Old 10-10-2017, 12:28 PM
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The torque is wrong!

The flywheel nut torque on a V6 is 145 foot pounds.... and the key must absolutely be the proper 307480, not some key from a hardware store. Also, the key must be installed so that the straight edge is vertical with the engine... NOT... aligned with the crankshaft taper.

Make sure the flywheel and crankshaft tapers are clean and free of defects from being spun!
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