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  • Johnson 2R75D

    I am working on an old Johnson 2hp that last year ran just fine, but the pull cord broke and in order to repair it I removed the reel, what a mess! Does anybody have a clever idea on how to reinstall.

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    There are lots of good videos on how to wind up a recoil spring, none of which work beyond coiling the spring. The problem here is that the housing hold the recoil mechanism thus the spring is under the wheel that holds the pull cord. A screw running from the outside top of the housing holds the while thing in place. I need a way to hold the spring coiled and in place while I screw it all in place. then a way to release what ever is holing the coil after the screw is installed.


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      Skip... I have the instructions from the OMC manual w/pics on file but do not have the clearance to attach/upload it. I have asked for clearance from and am awaiting their permission or decline msg. Will get back to you.

      You could also give me your email address (w/o the dot) and I'll send it via that route.


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        Thanks Joe. Hopefully they will realize to motor is so old that there will be no loss of revenue by allowing it to be disseminated. Last night i came up with plan E (:-) which I will try in the meantime.


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          Woo Hoo! I finally figured it out! (Plan F as A,B,C,D & E didn't work.) I would post pictures here If allowed, but as a junior member I guess I can't do that. I'll try to explain it in text. I went online and found several ways to wind up the recoil spring, although I think Dangar Marine had the best method ( Once installed the coil will take up about 3 1/2 inches, so when I coiled it up by hand I made it about 3 inches. This is to ensure that once the zip ties are removed it will not spring out past the 3 1/2 inches .Using a bit of 30 Lp mono fishing line I tied two loops then I carefully passed some 8 Lb fishing line (You will need about a 3 foot piece of this fishing line to complete the job) from the center of the coil to the out side lacing one of the 30lb loop with the 8lb as well and tied it off, The loop is there so once the coil is installed I can pull the loop to break the lighter line and release the spring. Now with the long end of the 8Lb line I laced it around the coil about 5 times and spread these loops about halfway around the coil. At this point I laced in the second 30 pound loop as a backup. Then continued lacing around the coil about five more times and securing the end to the original first 8 lb pound loop. The next step is to carefully cut away the zip tie leaving your coil contained by the 8lb line. Once installed in the motor housing you can pull the 30 Lb loop to break the 8lb line and a few pulls on the starting cord will work out the line. Even if some is left in there it will eventually work its way out with repeated starts of the motor. DON"T FORGET TO USE SAFETY GLASS DURING THIS PROCESS. That coil has a mind of it own!


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            Contact me at for the factory procedure.