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Is this site realated to the "boat repair forum "

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  • Is this site realated to the "boat repair forum "

    I asked a question about the impeller on a 1995 8 hp johnson motor, and I was banned from the boat repair forum ,I am totally confused .so here is the question I asked, like I said I have the motor as listed above ,model number j8re0d and the tell tales on this motor does not shoot the water out, I can blow air through the hose and it comes out of the bottom of the motor in the barrel of water, I was just wondering if it is definitely the impeller and where can I get the parts, can I get them from this site?
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    No this site is related to boat repair forum. Make sure motor is deep enough in water to completely cover water pump( bottom motor mount should touching water).If it is deep enough to submerge water pump then water is probably bad. You can get parts here, water pump repair kit is number 72 in this parts page:
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