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1981 25 hp - wont start

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  • 1981 25 hp - wont start

    I have tried everything I can think of to get this 25 hp Johnson running but im out of ideas.

    Compression 120 both cylinders
    Getting spark on both plugs
    Fuel Pump good
    Carb Float and Needle good
    Good Gas 50:1 ratio
    New Bulb and fuel lines
    Good Battery
    New Spark Plugs
    Replaced one Coil (no resistance on ohm meter)
    New Plug wires
    All electrical looks good - no signs of wear or fraying
    Gas tank is venting

    When I start the motor it will start , very lean and dies within seconds. I try to choke it no change. I try to spray carb cleaner in the carb doesn't matter. I try to pump bulb while im starting doesn't matter. Charged my battery fully.

    What am I missing. I'm going crazy here and really would like to fix this without spending $$$ for someone to save me.

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    Are you getting a good strong spark, jumps a 7/16 gap? Have you check for spark as soon as engine dies?
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